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Z88 Platform


The z88 operating system, OZ, provides a lot of functionality for programmers which permit multiple applications to co-exist and conserve resources (i.e. memory) as necessary. z88dk aims to hide away a lot of the details and provide a relatively simple solution to developing of applications.

For details of the functionality OZ exposes, it's advisable to read the Z88 Developer Notes. The notes describe a lot of detail that is skipped over here.

BBC Basic Target

By default, z88dk generates binaries that can be LOADed into the BBC Basic application and run. Using this target is the easiest way to get an application up and running on the z88.

Command Line

zcc +z88

Z88 Application Target

Z88dk can be used to create a z88 Applications that can be run from the Main Menu. Both good, bad and ugly applications can be constructed.

Command Line

zcc +z88 -create-app -make-app

Z88 Packages

Z88dk can create Packages (shared libraries) that allow code to be shared between applications. ZSock was built using this technique to provide TCP/IP services for the z88.

Command Line

As for applications, i.e.:

zcc +z88 -create-app -oapp.bas -make-app app.c

Z88 Shell Target

The z88 shell is a unix-like shell providing command line file manipulation on the z88. Naturally, z88dk supports generating applications that can be run from the command line.

Command Line

zcc +z88 -subtype=z88shell -create-app

ZSock Devices

ZSock devices can be compiled with z88dk, these are raw binary blobs that sit at address 8192 and cannot use a stdio resources.

Command Line

zcc +z88 -subtype=zsockdev

Relocatable Code Snippets

Z80asm can include a relocator to the head of a generated binary. This will cause the code to be relocated to the address that it is loaded at and then run.

Command Line

zcc +z88 -subtype=reloc

z88net library

Command Line

zcc +z88 -clib=net
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