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Release Schedule

z88dk will be released on the Sunday of the second week of July and January, thus the next release dates is:

  • v1.10 - 10/1/2010


The roadmap contains a list of features that should be in a given release:

v1.9 - July 2009

  • stdio

New implementation of stdio available for testing on selected target(s). The main purpose of the rewrite was to make the library 100% asm, reduce memory footprint, introduce support for multiple device drivers, make it possible to integrate sockets / file descriptors fully into the stdio model, and supply some missing functionality demanded by standard C.

  • strings
    • add strlcat()
    • add strlcpy()
  • stdlib
    • add qsort(), will accompany existing non-standard (but faster) l_qsort()
    • add bsearch(), will accompany existing non-standard (but faster) l_bsearch()
    • itoa() and ltoa() changed to output variable radix numbers which is more inline with modern implementations of these functions
  • input
    • fix in_GetKey() which was dropping keypresses unnecessarily
    • in_Wait() and in_Pause() now measure time in milliseconds
  • lib3d (mostly coming from the MSX HTC GFX lib)
    • new 'stencil' object for fast convex polygons dithered fill
    • optimizations in size and speed
    • new vector functions
    • big inprovements in managing triangles
  • New targets
    • add support for Galaksija, including lo-rez graphics and 1 bit sound support
    • add support for TRS80, including lo-rez graphics and 1 bit sound support
  • C128
    • “SG Tools” are now part of z88dk; SID sound, low and high resolution GFX, timers and much more.
    • much better base graphics support
    • support for both “CP/M” mode and C128 BASIC mode binaries
  • Amstrad CPC
    • fixed a bug in the ROM interposer causing crashes in many functions
    • many target specific improvements
    • much better base graphics support
  • MSX
    • add functions coming from “GFXLIB” by Rafael de Oliveira Jannone
    • much better base graphics support
    • target specific code for DSP sound, graphics and controllers.
  • CP/M
    • improved fcntl
  • TI83+ and TI84
    • appmake output binary format changed
  • ZX81
    • Functions to exchange integer values with BASIC
  • ZX Spectrum
    • target specifib lib slightly fixed and rearranged
    • ROM building support
  • Rabbit Control Module
    • add flash handling

v1.10 - January 2010

  • crt0 (C startup code)
    • Move all library static variables to the crt0s
    • Redo crt0s so that all of them can easily separate data and code areas
  • stdio
    • Migrate all targets to the new stdio
    • Add floating point converters to new stdio
    • Integrate sockets API for new stdio
    • (?) Integrate FAT16/32 middleware for new stdio
    • (?) Add some intelligence to the compiler to that it can automatically select the minimal set of stdio features needed in a compile
  • math
    • Ensure that all floating point packages support the same group of mathematical functions
    • Perhaps standardize how each floating point package is called by the compiler
    • Make it easier and clearer as to how a new floating point package can be added to the compiler


Features on the to-do list that may or may not be promoted to a release above.

  • z88dk package
    • CVS snapshots available on a frequent basis
    • Removing all the old documentation and ship a copy of the wiki with the kit
    • Updated examples
  • Compiler / Assembler / Linker
    • Clean up of the compiler
    • Some more magic in the compiler (not sure what yet!)
    • Cleanup some ugliness in the zcc driver
    • Migration to MPM as the assembler of choice
    • Give user control over declaring multiple code and data segments
    • Introduce a standard bank-switching model so that the compiler can automatically create projects larger than 64k in size
  • Miscellaneous
    • z88 spectrum screen emulation
    • Test framework in place for generic library functions
    • Cleanup the headers (similar to what Alvin has done to spectrum.h)
  • Abstract Data Types
    • add singly-linked list
    • add static hash table
    • add avl tree
    • add map type
    • check into whether it makes sense to follow C++'s STL model
  • Input
    • port to CPC, MSX
  • SP1 software sprite engine
    • port to CPC
    • port to MSX, Timex hi-colour mode
  • math
    • look into adding numerical algorithms
  • stdio
    • add compression / decompression filters to new stdio
    • grow device driver library
  • stdlib
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