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z88dk is a collection of software development tools that targets z80 machines. It consists of a C compiler, a set of libraries implementing the C standard library, an assembler / linker and a variety of utilities for profiling and generating executables in a number of formats. Development in C, assembly language or a mixture of the two is directly supported.

The name z88dk originates from the time when the project was founded and targetted only the Cambridge z88 portable. Today z88dk directly supports more than seventy z80 targets with the level of library support for each target varying with interest shown by users. It is possible to add new targets with relative ease.

z88dk is known to run on a wide variety of platforms. Binary releases are available for Win32 and MacOS X and packages are available for many Linux distributions.

There are a few things that make z88dk unique:

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The Clarified Artistic License

The intent behind adoption of this license:

1. Any modifications to z88dk eg in the form of new targets, toolchain improvements, bug fixes, extra functionality etc should be fed back to the project so that every user can benefit.

2. You can use the compiler to generate products which are sold commercially and distributed for profit.

3. We totally indemnify ourselves against any damage caused by deployment of the kit or any product generated by the kit. We don't guarantee that the software is fit for any purpose in any way whatsoever.

Some modules have been imported into the project from other sources. They may be covered under other licenses that are documented with their source code. However in all cases, there is no restriction on generating software that can be sold commercially for profit.


Library Documentation

  1. Platform Independent Library Functions
  2. Platform Dependent Library Functions
  3. Third Party Libraries

Advanced Topics


Development Branch

The C libraries, assembler and compiler in z88dk are currently seeing significant updates.

Among the changes are:

  • z80asm, z88dk's assembler / linker, has been updated to support sections.
  • zcc, z88dk's project builder, has been modified to allow C compilation using one of two selectable C compilers: z88dk's native sccz80 and sdcc-z80.
  • A new c library is being completely rewritten in assembly language to be as fully C11 compliant as is reasonable.

The new clib will exist in parallel with the current clib and selection of one or the other will be made with a compile line switch.

You can read more about it and find details on how to try it here.

Supported Targets

Unsupported Targets


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