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Various Tools Included with z88dk

Build and binary conversion tools

See also the target section for platform specific tools.


Normally it is not necessary to call “appmake” directly, it is embedded in the compilation process. To activate it, add the -create-app flag to the 'zcc' command line.


Reads in a binary file and outputs an Intel Hex Record


This tool inserts a binary block into a file (i.e. a memory dump) at the given position.


  inject [binary file] [reference file] [position] [injected output file]

Library tools

z80nm library inspector

Tool to inspect the content of a z80asm library.

rel2z80 library converter

Experimental tool to extract z80asm compatible binary blocks from a CP/M “.REL” library.

Developement tools

sprite editor

Sprite editor by Daniel McKinnon

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