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The Z88DK logo

The Z88DK logo was designed by Luciano Costarelli in April, 2005.

Logo requirements

Every logo needs to have special characteristics:

The proportions between the elements, the synthesis and even the thickness of the drawing are very important, because it needs to be sized to be displayed gracefully in big pictures as well as in dramatically reduced icons.

It must tell the product story but its elements should give a synthetic message.

The Z88DK logo

First of all, Luciano chose to insert the logo in a square; this brings graphical advantages but also gives a sense of stability, of concentration of the elements and other similar brain-damaged thoughts :)

The main element of the Z88DK logo is the resemblance of the particular square key shape of the Z88 computer.

The key is somehow the “key element” of the information technology (power-up button, etc).

There's also a sort of hidden picture in this logo: the red DK looks like a keyboard (or a PC case), while the “88” stands like a computer monitor.


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