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The compiler frontend: ZCC

The frontend of z88dk is called zcc, it is this that you should call if you want to do any compilations. To invoke the frontend use the command:

      zcc [flags]  [files to be compiled/linked]

The files can be either C files (.c) , preprocessed C files(.i), compiled C files (.asm), optimised compiled file (.opt) or assembled files (.o or .obj), any combination of them can be mixed together and the relevant processed done on them.

Processing of a file list is done on each file in turn (i.e. preprocess, compile, optimise, assemble) at the end all files may be linked into a single executable if desired.

Options accepted by zcc can be reported using:

      zcc -h

Details on the configuration of a port can be revealed with:

      zcc +port -specs

Options to control the action of the frontend

     +[file]       Name of alternate config file 
     		   (must be the first argument)
     -a            Produce .asm (or .opt) file only
     -S            Produce .asm (or .opt) file only
     -c            Do not link object files
     -E            Preprocess files only, leave output in .i file
     -o            Specify the output name for the stage that compiling will stop
                   at. For example "-a -o file.asm" will output an assembly file.
     -bn [file]    Specify output file for binary (default is a.bas for BASIC
                   programs and a.bin for application binaries)
     -On           Optimize compiler output (to .opt file)
                   n can be either 0 (none) 1,2,3, level 2 is recommended.
		   Level 3 is suitable for large programs (includes certain
		   lib functions to reduce size of code(!))
     -v            Verbose - echo commands as they are executed
     -vn           Don't be verbose
     -clib=[lib]   Switch to the specified standard library
     -subtype=[x]  Generate output for the platform subtype x
     -compiler=X   X=sdcc or X=sccz80

Options to control library usage

     Parameters valid for the Z88 (see the platform sections for more options)

     -Lpath        Add to the library search path
     -l[name]      Link in a library - supply just the name (after placing them
                   in the correct directory)
     -lm           Link in the generic Z80 maths library
     -lmz          Link in and generate code for OZ's maths routines
     -lmalloc      Link in the near malloc routines
     -lgfx         Link in the Z88 graphics routines (for BASIC progams)
     -lz88         Link in some Z88 application routines (eg mailboxing)
     -lnet	   Link the the socket routines for ZSock
     -lndos        Link the stub disc driver library ("no dos")

     -m            Generate .map files when assembling/linking
     -s            Generate .sym files when assembling/linking
     --list        Generate list files

Other libraries are available

Options to control the type code produced

     -unsigned        Implicitly define everything as unsigned unless explicitly
                      told otherwise (sccz80)
     -create-app      Create an application image (i.e. bank 63,62 etc)
     -startup=        This parameter affects the resulting code in a target
                      dependent way: in example, when used with the Cambridge Z88
                      the -startup=3 parameter instructs the compiler to produce 
                      standalone code that can be run from a set
                      address from BASIC. (Use -zorg= to change the address)

     -pragma-define   Define an option,for example:
     -pragma-bytes    Dump a string of bytes zcc_opt.def
     -pragma-redirect Redirect a function, for example:
                      will make xyz123 the assembler label that is used for console 

Miscellaneous options

     --c-code-in-asm Intersperse C code as comments in the assembler output, warning:
                     this *will* clobber some optimisations for sccz80
     -Cp[option]   Pass an option through to the pre-processor
     -Ca[option]   Pass an option through to the assembler
     -Cl[option]   Pass an option through to the linker
     -Cz[option]   Pass an option through to appmake
     -Cc[option]   Pass an option through to sccz80
     -Cs[option]   Pass an option through to sdcc

In addition, the flags, -D, -I, -U are passed through to the preprocessor.

Any unrecognised options are passed through to the compiler (to allow for improvements in the future.)

Configuration files

In order for z88dk to work on as many platforms as possible and so that it can be easily tweaked, retargetted and generally mutilated, the frontend (zcc) consults a plain text configuration file which is in the directory pointed to be the ZCCCFG variable.

The default is to use the file ZCCCFG/zcc.cfg which by default is a softlink to the configuration file for the z88. Should you mainly be targetting a different machine then simply change the softlink to the appropriate file.

Should you want to occasionally compile for other machines then as the construct your zcc line thusly:

  zcc +[name] [....]

Where name is either z88, zx (Spectrum), or vz (for the VZ200/300 port). If you wish to use a config file located in the current directory or anywhere else on the system then specify the full path and filename - make sure the filename as the suffix .cfg.

Finally, for the sake of backwards compatibility zcc will take the value of the environmental variable ZCCFILE and use that config file.

The order of checking is as follows:

  1. “Local” file (if exists) eg +temp.cfg
  2. ZCCCFG/[name].cfg eg +z88
  4. ZCCCFG/zcc.cfg
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